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Dance In The Park (thumbnail) Untitled # 3 (thumbnail) Landscape # 9 (thumbnail) Wilderness Walk (thumbnail) Untitled # 4 (thumbnail) Forest of Three Moons (thumbnail) In any Direction (thumbnail) Abstract pastel using rich colors (thumbnail) Into The Future (thumbnail) Self Study (thumbnail) Untitled # 10 (thumbnail) Untitled # 8 (thumbnail) Smooth Moves I (thumbnail) Smooth Moves II (thumbnail) To Market (thumbnail) Untitled # 12 (thumbnail) Untitled Pastel # 3 (thumbnail) You Said You Wanted Flowers (thumbnail) abstract painting (thumbnail) Untitled # 11 (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Untitled # 2 (thumbnail) Untitled # 5 (thumbnail) Secret Garden (thumbnail) Hades (thumbnail) Inuit Spirit (thumbnail) Untitled # 6 (thumbnail) Consequences (thumbnail) Deep In Your Head (thumbnail) Winds of Change (thumbnail) Ellen Degenerate (thumbnail) Trinity (thumbnail) Untitled Pastel 2012 (thumbnail) Headspace (thumbnail) Pastel # 6 (thumbnail) Mixed Communication (thumbnail) Bloomin' Branches (thumbnail)
Secret Garden  (large view)
Secret Garden
Abstract Pastel
16" H x 20" W